V8  Face

What Is The Skin Tightening Procedure?
V8 Face utilizes a unique combination of bipolar conducted electric current and optical (light) energy in reducing wrinkles, enabling you to comfortably achieve a youthful appearance with a tightened, lifted appearance without any downtime.
Indications for V8 Face?
•Wrinkle treatment•Skin rejuvenation•Skin tightening
If you desire to tighten and firm your skin pain free, without any downtime, V8 Face may be the right choice for you.
What Does The Procedure Involve?
The combined Bi-polar Radio Frequency and light energy technology precisely heat dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area. The stimulation of collagen production produces a firming effect in the laxed area of skin. Fine wrinkles are reduced with noticeable lifting, this can be observed while the texture of your skin becomes more smooth and elastic.
•No sedation/anesthesia•No downtime
How Long Does The Procedure Take?
30 minutes
How Many Treatments Are Required?
Most patients see results with the very first treatment. Depending upon desired usually 3-4 treatments are performed.
Will I Have Pain?
Most patients are essentially pain free during this procedure. As every person has a different threshold for pain, for those especially sensitive patients there are protocols that will accommodate them.Treatment is so gentle that most patients resume activities right away.  This treatment is ideal for all skin tones.

Full Face $95 (one treatment)

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